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About us


Villa Beck has been a synonym of tradition as well as durable and functional upholstered furniture for over 50 years. In the Thuringian Forest, we design pieces of furniture in an excellent design for you, which convince by their high comfort. Awarded the “Golden M” seal of approval from the RAL quality association, you will receive high-quality 2-seaters, 3-seaters and corner sofas, which you can use individually or in a set.

Our set guiding principles are reflected in all our furniture pieces: function, comfort, tradition and quality are the basis for timeless upholstered furniture in the best execution. In the conception and production process, we pay attention to very versatile upholstered furniture. So, you and your entire family can sit or lie on every piece of furniture very comfortably along with your four-legged friends.


Villa Beck does not mass-produce goods. In addition, we do not use entertaining trends in the design of our upholstered furniture. Instead, we rely on creations that meet our high standards of quality. Timeless, comfortable and made of sustainable materials, we produce high-quality upholstered furniture for you.


Upholstery craftsmanship is a craft with a long tradition. Beautiful individual pieces are still produced in an old and traditional way with natural materials (e.g., horsehair). Thanks to the use of modern, prefabricated spring elements and industrial foams, upholstered furniture can now be produced more efficiently, but there are no differences in terms of comfort for customers. 

A piece of upholstered furniture from a craftsman’s shop will be beautiful and functional for years. At Villa Beck, we attach great importance to high-quality work, so that you can enjoy your purchase for a long time. Every day, our employees, trained in the craftsmanship of upholstery, ensure that traditional upholstered furniture made in Germany finds its way to happy customers. 


With our traditional pieces of furniture, we not only create visually appealing seating furniture for you, we also made it our mission to combine our classic design with a gentle concept. Ergonomic-shaped backs and head cushions are just a few of our details that will help you protect your back for the future. 



In times of ever-faster fashion trends, we offer you a concept of durability and sustainability. We design our upholstered furniture in a classic-modern design, which is not subject to any current fashion dictates. In our online shop, you will see long-lasting seating furniture that will beautify your home. 

Through the regional and sustainable production of all upholstered furniture, we can ensure that you receive a traditional furniture of high quality. Coming with the “Golden M” recognition, our furniture delivers the highest level of quality and safety, as well as health and environmental protection. Therefore, trust in our versatile range of high-quality upholstered furniture.