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Pet Fabric Wow

Germany is one of the European countries that has the most pets; there is an animal in every third household in Germany. According to the latest estimates, there are said to be over 34 million pets that find a home in our country. Above all, cats and dogs are loved and pampered like family members. Humans and animals like to share everyday life and spend many cosy hours on a sofa. If you want to make sure that the animal and sofa get along in the long run, choose a pet-friendly fabric when buying a sofa. We recommend WOW, the new fabric for real animal lovers.

Woven fabrics are taboo for pet owners. Coarse weaves, in particular, are an invitation for pets to try out their claws on them. There is no such thing as a 100% scratch-proof sofa. However, there are upholstery fabrics that are less popular with pets than others: first amongst them are microfibre fabrics. Our specially developed WOW microfibre fabrics are particularly hard-wearing and much more suitable for pets than leather or other cover fabrics. The innovative manufacturing process of our WOW fabrics prevents looping and thus offers the greatest possible security against damage from animal claws, zips, etc. For humans, microfibre fabrics feel soft and supple, animals tend to slide off them and not get through with their claws, so they lose the desire to scratch the sofa. WOW fabrics meet the highest demands in terms of durability and ease of care. This makes the new WOW microfibre fabric the ideal sofa cover for all pet owners.

Features of the Wow Fabric