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Pet Cushion Varese Lind


Many of our customers suffer from back pain. We think home should, at least, be a restful place. That is why we produce classic functional sofas. While ergonomic furniture cannot fix the source of discomfort, it can at least provide relief.

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Design and ergonomic comfort

Villa Beck has made it its mission to combine design with a gentle concept. We take the well-being of our customers seriously—furniture that is only beautiful to look at has no place in our collection. With ergonomic shaped back pads and adjustable headrests, Varese ulprovides a pleasant comfort.

Colours and covers

No matter which variant of this back-friendly model you prefer, you can always choose between the Bulus leather look and the animal-friendly WOW cover. Bulus is available in the colours of silver, steel, red, anthracite and stone, while WOW is available in soft rock, stone, copper and anthracite.

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Wow 200



Material composition

64% Polyester
18% Polyamide
18% Acrylic


1 Package
137cm x 72cm x 2cm – 1,2kg